06:29 pm

Fic: Not As Real (Grey's Anatomy, Izzie/Addison, PG)

06:30 pm

Fic: How to Have a Secret Relationship (GA, Izzie/Addison, R)

06:31 pm

Fic: Santa Claus is Coming to Town (GA, George & Izzie, gen)

06:32 pmNSFW

Fic: Seattle Grace's Scandalous Lesbian Affair, As Told Through Sports Metaphors (Izzie/Addison, R)

06:33 pm

Fic: I've Got a Tequila Shooter That Says You're Not Going Anywhere (GA, Meredith/Addison, PG)

06:35 pm

Fic: Friends Don't Let Friends Keep Secrets (GA, Izzie & George, gen)

06:36 pm

Fic: Thankful for Small Kindnesses (GA, Izzie/Addison, Addison/Derek, PG)

06:37 pm18

Fic: The Next Best Thing to Pillow Fights in Skimpy Underwear (GA, Meredith/Izzie, NC-17)

06:38 pm

Fic: Cookies Are the Most Important Meal of the Day (GA, gen)

06:39 pm

Fic: An Exercise in Using Addictive Stimulants (One Milk, Two Sugar) to Get Women

06:39 pm

Fic: Palimpsest (GA, Addison/Meredith, PG-13)

06:40 pmNSFW

Fic: Manual Transmission (GA, Izzie/several, R)

06:41 pm

Fic: The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions (GA, gen.)

06:42 pm

Fic: What's The Point Of Wanting Something If You Can Have It? (GA, Izzie/Addison, PG)

06:43 pm

Fic: Adultery Doesn't Count When It's Two Hot Girls (GA, Izzie/Addison, PG)

06:44 pm

Fic: It's Not Like Miss Manners Writes Guidelines For This (GA, Addison/Derek/Mark, PG)

06:45 pm

Fic: It's Like Tennis, But With Shouting (GA, Izzie/Addison, PG)

06:45 pm

Fic: It's Not That She's Scared, She'd Just Rather Be Somewhere Else (GA, gen)

06:46 pm18

Fic: Baby, I've Got A Scalpel For You Right Here (In My Pants) (GA, Cristina/Alex, NC-17)

06:47 pm

Fic: Tequila is Only the Solution if Men Are Part of the Problem (GA, Meredith/Izzie/Cristina, PG)

06:48 pm18

Fic: Every Little Girl Dreams of a Night Like This (GA, Derek/Mark/Addison, NC-17)

06:49 pm

Fic: Grey's Ficlet Roundup

07:32 pm

Fic: If Only Things Would Work Out Like They Do On TV (GA, Addison/Derek, PG)

07:33 pm18

Fic: Two's Company, Five's an Orgy, Three is Just Right (GA, Meredith/Izzie/Addison, NC-17)

07:34 pm

Fic: Slowly Being Suffocated by Women (It's Not as Sexy as it Sounds) (GA, Derek, gen)

07:34 pm

Fic: Clothes Make the Man, Honey (GA, Meredith/Derek, PG)

07:35 pm

Fic: Sweeter Than Powdered Sugar, Smoother Than Whipping Cream (GA, Izzie/Addison, PG)

07:36 pm18

Fic: Talking About Feelings Is So Overrated (Cristina/Meredith, NC-17)

07:37 pm

Fic: I've Got a Fever, & There's Only One Cure (GA, Izzie/Addison, NC-17)

07:37 pm

Fic: Trespassers Will (GA, Meredith/Izzie, PG)

07:38 pm

Fic: Christmas in July (and by 'July' I mean 'My Pants') (GA, George/Izzie, PG)

07:38 pmNSFW

Fic: If Every Fight Ended Like This, I'd Never Stop Making You Mad (GA, Derek/Addison, R)

07:39 pm

Fic: In Which Izzie and Addison Celebrate Christmas (GA, Izzie/Addison, PG)

07:40 pm

Fic: The Kind of Heart-Stopping Terror That Only Comes From Being With Loved Ones at Christmas

07:41 pm18

Fic: Sl2, K1, PSSO (The Extended Porn Star Remix) (GA, Meredith/Izzie, NC-17)

07:41 pm18

Fic: Like Sex in a China Shop (Look But Don't Touch) (GA, George/Izzie, NC-17)

07:42 pm

Fic: Four People Addison Never Had Sex With (And One Person She Did)

07:42 pm18

Fic: Signs Your Doctor (Or Somebody Who Plays One On TV) May Be Coming Onto You

07:43 pm18

Fic: But After All, He Is A Cylon Expert (BSG, Gaius/D'Anna, NC-17)

07:44 pm18

Fic: Behavioural Modification Can Sometimes Be Brought About Through Classical Conditioning

07:45 pmNSFW

Fic: Geometric Relationships More Realistic Than the Love Triangle (Square Dance)

07:46 pmNSFW

Fic: Consider What He Says to You, Consider What's to Come (BSG, Gaius/Caprica/Three, R)

07:48 pm

Fic: You And I Are a Gang of Losers (BSG, Kara/Lee, PG)

07:48 pm

Fic: Christmas (If All of Santa's Elves Were Lipstick Lesbians) (The Office, Karen/Pam, PG)

07:49 pmNSFW

Fic: Somewhere In All This, There's A Joke About Keeping the Yuletide Gay

07:50 pm

Fic: Three Meals the Grey's Anatomy Cast (Probably) Didn't Share (GARPF, gen)

07:50 pm

Fic: A Case for Giving Up on Women Altogether (PotC, Will/Elizabeth)

07:51 pm

Fic: Derek Shepherd Singlehandedly Proves That the Alien Invaders are Definitely Human

07:52 pm18

Fic: Everything But the Secret Handshake (GA, Izzie/Mark/Addison, NC-17)

07:53 pm18

Fic: All of This Has Happened Before (BSG, Caprica/Gaius/D'Anna, NC-17)

07:53 pm18

Fic: No Problem Too Problematic to Solve With Free Champagne (RPF, KW/KH, NC-17)

07:54 pm18

Fic: Lesbianism is What Sluts Turn to When They Run Out of Men to Sleep With (Angela/Pam, NC-17)

07:55 pmNSFW

Fic: Three of Samuel T. Anders' Best First Times, In Ascending Order of Preference (BSG Kara/Anders)

07:55 pmNSFW

Fic: Vagaries of Female Social Interactions the Male Mind Will Never Understand (With Cupcakes)

07:56 pm18

Fic: Champagne is to Sex as Canada is to Homosexuality (RPF, Katee Sackhoff/Katie Heigl, NC-17)

07:57 pm18

Fic: Bad Case of Loving You (Grey's Anatomy, NC-17 1/2)

07:59 pm18

Fic: Bad Case of Loving You (Grey's Anatomy, NC-17, 2/2)

08:01 pm18

Fic: You Know What They Say About Idle Hands (RPF, KW/EP, NC-17)

08:02 pm

Fic: If the Colonial Fleet Ever Finds Earth, They'd do Well to Take up Beet Farming

08:02 pm

Fic: second star to the right (straight on 'till morning) (BSG, Kara/Leoben, PG)

08:03 pm

Fic: The Judges Totally Deduct Points for Superpowers (Stick It/Heroes, PG)

08:04 pm18

Fic: All the Pretty Girls Go (BSG RPF, Katee/Tricia, NC-17)

08:04 pm

Fic: Liquor? (I hardly know her) (BSG, Kara/Racetrack, PG)

08:05 pm

Fic: Trapped in the Closet (GA, Meredith/Izzie, NC-17)

08:06 pmNSFW

Fic: Counting Backwards from the Edge (BSG, Kara/Lee, R)

08:06 pm18

Fic: I Know You Are, But What Am I? (BSG RPF, KS/MT, NC-17)

08:07 pm18

Fic: She's Like (So Whatever) (BSGRPF, Tricia Helfer/Avril Lavigne, NC-17)

08:08 pmNSFW

Fic: Degrees of Okay (BSG, Kara/Anders, R)

08:08 pm

Fic: Five Things Bill Adama Wishes (The World-Domination Robot Hindsight Remix)

08:11 pm18

Fic: Impulse is the New Forethought (BSG RPF, Katee/Tricia, NC-17)

08:11 pmNSFW

Fic: Payback is an Awfully Good Kisser (Rock, Reset, Repeat 1: Callie/Cristina)

08:12 pmNSFW

Fic: Easy Like a Handshake (Rock, Reset, Repeat 2: Meredith/Cristina)

08:13 pmNSFW

Fic: Like Repulsion in Reverse (Rock, Reset, Repeat 3: Izzie/Cristina)

08:14 pm18

Fic: Nancy Drew Wishes She Was This Good (BSG/Grey's RPF, EP/TH, NC-17)

08:15 pm18

Fic: Home of Truth-Tellers and Good, Clean Fun (Katee Sackhoff/Michael Trucco, NC-17)

08:15 pm

Fic: Hero Worship With Pink Punk-Rock Hearts (Katee/Avril, PG-13, cowrite)

08:17 pm18

Fic: Putting the 'Adult' in 'Adultery' (Someone Has To) (BSG, Kara/Dee, NC-17)

08:18 pm18

Fic: Like Sex and the City, With a Two Drink Minimum (BSG RPF, Tricia/Grace, NC-17)

08:19 pm

Fic: Be Faithful, Spy Well, or You Die (Casino Royale, Bond/Vesper, PG-13)

08:20 pmNSFW

Fic: Steady Like the Ocean (BSG, Boomer/Caprica, R)

08:21 pm

Fic: Strippers Are People, Too (GARPF, Katie Heigl/Kate Walsh, PG-13)

08:22 pmNSFW

Fic: Romance (For People Who Don't Like Feelings) (GA, Mark/Izzie, R)

08:22 pmNSFW

Fic: Two Adulterous Whores Walk Into a Bar (The Third One Ducks) (GA, Izzie/Addison, R)

08:23 pm18

Fic: Extra Credit Like You Mean It (Grey's, Cristina/Lexie, NC-17)

08:26 pm18

Fic: Pretend We're the Last People on Earth (Grey's, Meredith/Izzie/Alex, NC-17)

10:05 pm18

Fic: The Problem Isn't Us, Honey, It's The Sex We Keep Having (GA, Izzie/Lexie, NC-17)

10:08 pm

Fic: Thirty-Two Down, One to Go (HIMYM, Barney/Robin, PG-13)

10:08 pmNSFW

Fic: It-Girl Feud Sparks Sapphic Sojourn (Gossip Girl, Serena/Blair, R)

10:10 pm

Fic: What Little Girls Are Made Of (Gossip Girl, Serena/Blair, PG)

10:10 pm18

Fic: Taking Back The Numbers (Or Something Like That) (GA, Cristina/Lexie, NC-17)

10:11 pm18

Fic: Something More Than Just Once (BSGRPF, Katee/Tricia, NC-17)

10:12 pm18

Fic: Do You Know Any Funny Incest Jokes? (GA, Meredith/Lexie, NC-17)

10:12 pmNSFW

Fic: Composure In All The Right Places (Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, R)

10:13 pm

Fic: The Kind of Christmas That Doesn't End in 'Party' (Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, PG-13)

10:14 pm18

Fic: One Hundred and Eighty (Triangle) (Gossip Girl, Blair/Dan/Serena, NC-17)

10:14 pm18

Fic: Worse Sheets to Tangle Than These (GG, Blair/Vanessa, NC-17)

10:15 pm18

Fic: Things More Fun Than Trigonometry (GG, Blair/Dan/Serena, NC-17)

10:15 pmNSFW

Fic: America's Last Bastion of Consumerism (Saving Relationships One Girl at a Time) (OC, S/S, R)

10:17 pmNSFW

Fic: Agency Is Overrated, Probably (The L Word, Dawn Denbo/Her Lover Cindy, R)

10:18 pm18

Fic: We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time) (BSG RPF, KS/TH, NC-17)

10:19 pm

Fic: sisters (no takebacks) (GA, gen, PG-13)

10:20 pm18

Fic: poker (i just met her) (BSG, Racetrack/Seelix, NC-17)

10:21 pmNSFW

Fic: Immaculate (BSG, Gina/Cain, R)

10:21 pm18

Fic: Like 'End of the World' Still Counts as a Reason (BSG, Racetrack/Seelix, NC-17)

10:23 pm18

Fic: Kiss/Slut (Gossip Girl, Georgina/Vanessa, NC-17)

10:24 pm18

Fic: Three-Letter Words For Diplomacy (cowrite with [livejournal.com profile] tellitslant,

10:25 pm18

Fic: BSG RPF Ficlet Roundup

10:27 pm

Fic: Like the Fortune Cookie Game (In Bed) (Grey's Anatomy, Meredith/Cristina, PG-13)

10:28 pm18

Fic: tension like release (Battlestar Galactica, Kara/Cain, NC-17)

10:29 pm

Fic: There's (Probably) a Tegan & Sara Song About All This (GA, Callie/Erica, PG-13)

10:30 pmNSFW

jigsaw (when the pieces come together, you'll see it) (BSG, Boomer/Racetrack, R)

10:32 pm18

Fic: A Trip to the Beach After the End of the World(s) (BSG, Kara/Anders, NC-17)

10:32 pm

Fic: Same As Two (But Better) (HSMRPF, V/A/Z, PG-13)

10:35 pm

Fic: Same As Two (But Better) (HSMRPF, V/A/Z, PG-13)

10:37 pm

Fic: things (not sex) to think about in bed (HSMRPF, V/A/Z, PG-13)

10:39 pm18

Fic: tired of all the boys who don't like to dance (HSM RPF AU, V/A/Z, NC-17)

10:41 pm

Fic: i must be hunting treasure ('cause i'm digging your chest) (Blake/Leighton, PG-13)

10:42 pm

Fic: you and me, saturday night, my bedroom (clothing optional) (GG RPF, Blake/Penn, PG)

10:43 pm18

fic: like every day's a holiday (HSM RPF, Z/V, NC-17)

10:45 pm18

Fic: One Part Princess Leia, Two Parts Terminator (Chuck, Sarah/Chuck, NC-17)

10:46 pm18

Fic: four hands (are better than) (HSMRPF, V/A/Z, NC-17)

10:47 pm18

up, right, a, y, b (high score) (HSMRPF, V/A/Z, NC-17)

10:47 pm18

Fic: Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery (GG, Blair/Vanessa, NC-17)

10:49 pm18

Fic: Baby Would You (HSMRPF, Z/V, NC-17)

10:49 pm18

Fic: Keep It On The Down-Low (HSMRPF, V/A, NC-17)

10:51 pm18

Fic: hittin' it like a - (HSMRPF, Z/V, NC-17)

10:52 pm18

Fic: 'Cause Baby We'll Be (HSMRPF, Z/V, NC-17)

10:53 pm18

Fic: That Thing About Good Girls (GGRPF, Blake/Leighton, NC-17)

10:54 pmNSFW

Fic: Gossip Girl RPF Ficlet Roundup

10:54 pm18

Fic: My Heart is Plotting Treason (Gossip Girl RPF AU, Blake/Leighton, NC-17), Part 1

10:56 pm18

Fic: My Heart is Plotting Treason (Gossip Girl RPF AU, Blake/Leighton, NC-17), Part 2

10:57 pm18

Fic: My Heart is Plotting Treason (Gossip Girl RPF AU, Blake/Leighton, NC-17), Part 3

10:59 pm18

Fic: From America, With Love (Gossip Girl RPF: Treasonverse, Blake/Leighton, NC-17)

11:00 pmNSFW

Fic: A Verb For Falling In Love (Gossip Girl, Blair/Serena, R)

11:00 pm

Fic: her best friend leslie says (she's just being) (HSMRPF, Vanessa/Ashley, PG-13)

11:01 pm18

Fic: Women! Gossip! Vampires! (GG RPF, Blake/Leighton True Blood AU, NC-17)

11:06 pm18

Fic: Backseat Sweetheart (HSMRPF AU, Van/Ash, NC-17)

11:09 pm

Fic: i would add up what you mean to me, but (DCRPF, Demi/Selena, PG13)

11:11 pm18

Fic: Keep Quiet (Nothing Comes As Easy As You) (WoWP, Justin/Alex, NC-17)

11:12 pm

Ficlet Time! (HSM RPF 1950s AU, PG)

09:24 pm

Fic: Let's Make A Scene (Like Movies In Our Dreams) (DC High, Demi/Selena, PG-13)

05:56 pmNSFW

Fic: i think we spent a past life together (DC High, Mr Efron/Ms Hudgens, R)

09:05 pm18

Fic: Eight Six Seven Five Three Oh Nine (GG RPF, Blake/Leighton, NC-17)

07:34 amNSFW

Fic: Like Wishes, Wise Men and Blind Mice (Three) (HSMRPF, Zac/Vanessa/Ashley, R), Part One

07:34 amNSFW

Fic: Like Wishes, Wise Men and Blind Mice (Three) (HSMRPF, Zac/Vanessa/Ashley, R), Part Two


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