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Title: Even If The Stars & Moon Collide
Fandom: Lost Girl
Pairing: Tamsin & Kenzi, mentions of past Bo/Tamsin
Rating: G
Word Count: 1124
Summary: Tamsin may not have done as much as she wanted to with her lives, but she's also not a moron. When some asshole breaks your heart, there are two things to do: leave town, and get blind-ass drunk. Post-5.07
Notes: Title is from Demi Lovato's "Really Don't Care," which is a really excellent breakup jam.

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Title: when the world comes crashing down, who's ready to party?
Fandom: Lost Girl/Gossip Girl (Crossover)
Pairing: Bo/Nate Archibald friendship, Bo/Lauren implied
Rating: G
Word Count: 620
Summary: Kenzi's cousin's fiancee's baby shower is the last place Bo would expect to make a friend. (Spoilers through Lost Girl 2.12)
Notes: Title excerpted from All Time Low's "Hello, Brooklyn."

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Originally posted 6 September, 2009.

Both of these are set in a sort of weird limbo, sometime after Backseat Sweetheart.

consider me when the scores are settled, 400 words
hsm rpf 1950s AU, Zac-and-Ash, implied Zac/Van and Van/Ash

Ash is out working on her car when she sees Zac again. )

set them straight and then, 754 words
hsm rpf 1950s AU, Zac-and-Ash, implied Zac/Van and Van/Ash

The dogs are piled on top of each other, looking bored, but when Zac crunches up the driveway they go running, this delirious mess of barking and tail-wagging - he hasn't even met them, and already he's their new best friend. )
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Originally posted 27 March, 2008.

Title: sisters (no takebacks)
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Challenge: Requested by [ profile] beerbad as part of the January 08 round of Sweet Charity
Word Count: 1,472
Pairing: Gen. Meredith, Lexie, and Cristina.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lexie is a maudlin drunk.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

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Originally posted 11 March, 2007.

Title: The Judges Totally Deduct Points for Superpowers
Fandom: Heroes/Stick It
Spoilers: Heroes 1.18, Parasite
Word Count: 867
Characters: Haley Graham, Candace
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The first time Haley does it, she freaks out. (An origin story, in a way.)
Notes: [ profile] fox1013 is a rockstar. (Rockstar!)

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

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Originally posted 5 January, 2007.

Title: Derek Shepherd Singlehandedly Proves That the Alien Invaders are Definitely Human
Fandom: Crossover, Grey's Anatomy/Battlestar Galactica
Challenge: Written for the ficlet tag prompt: BSG/Grey's Anatomy, Lee Adama and Derek Shepherd, women.
Word Count: 640
Pairing: Gen. Canon pairings up to the most current episodes implied.
Rating: PG
Summary: All Derek ever really wanted was a nice, simple life.

Disclaimer: Not mine.

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Originally posted 1 January, 2007.

Title: Three Meals the Grey's Anatomy Cast (Probably) Didn't Share
Fandom: Grey's RPF
Word Count: 2,126
Pairing: Gen. TR Knight/Katherine Heigl friendship, Ellen Pompeo/Dempsey friendship, Justin Chambers/Sandra Oh friendship.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Six actors. Three opportunities to socialize and share food.
Notes: Love and a shiny pony to [ profile] fox1013 and [ profile] sailorscully, for being ridiculously patient betas and overall hand-holders.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me. None of this ever happened. I don't know these people.

three meals the grey's cast (probably) didn't share. )
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Originally posted 29 June, 2006.

Title: Slowly Being Suffocated by Women (It's Not as Sexy as it Sounds)
Prompt: McDreamy, broken
Rating: PG
Word Count: 261.
Summary: Derek's pen is broken. It's a metaphor.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

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Originally posted 7 June, 2006.

Title: It's Not That She's Scared, She'd Just Rather Be Somewhere Else
Challenge: Motherf'ing Snakes!.
Rating: Ssss
Pairing: Ssss
Summary: There were snakes.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

'eh, snakes on a plane.' )
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Originally posted 19 May, 2006.

Title: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions (or, Nobody's Going to Get a Cookie Unless You Two Stop Fighting)
Challenge: [ profile] psych_30 #25, "placebo effect"
Rating: PG
Summary: George just wanted to do something nice. Post-finale.

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

mmm, oatmeal chocolate chip! )
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Originally Posted 2 May, 2006

Title: Cookies Are the Most Important Meal of the Day
Challenge: greys100 #37, mask
Pairing: George and Izzie, friendship
Rating: PG
Word Count: 210

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

'. . .if you wait a few minutes you can have a piece of cake.' )
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Originally posted 16 April, 2006

Title: Friends Don't Let Friends Keep Secrets
Challenge: Started for [ profile] daily15 #438, "telling," but ended up going way over the 15-minute mark.
Rating: PG
Pairing: Izzie/George friendship, mild Izzie/secret lover
Summary: "Izzie is having sex that she's not telling George about, and it's driving him crazy."

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

'lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.' )
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Originally Posted 6 April, 2006

Title: Santa Claus is Coming to Town
Challenge: greys100 #33, label
Pairing: George and Izzie, gen
Rating: G
Spoilers: to "Name of the Game"
Word Count: 162 (cut down from 225)

Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me.

ah, but it's cold outside. . . )


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